The Current Gym Marketing Trends

Proper marketing for your gym using technological advertising means is a cost-effective method of creating traffic towards your line of fitness. Digital fitness marketing does not only serve the purpose of creating awareness of a training facility, but also a platform to keep tabs with the frequent trainers and gym users by keeping them informed on various health information and giving them appropriate work out exercises. Therefore, it is necessary that you create the perfect platform for this by understanding the tactics used to market the gym and build a comprehensive strategy for this.

Your online fitness industry marketing strategy should be able to:

  • Provide information. As you market your gym, you need to let potential users what is available in the gym. By this, you can list the services you provide, the equipment members will enjoy and how to join the gym. It is easier to interact directly with the potential clients in order to answer any questions that they may have. Provide your contact info such as email and phone number for them to contact you directly. For the general questions like how to sign up and equipment available, you can upload that information on your site or on social media platforms.
  • Give you a clear image of your target customers. There are different people who use the gym on a regular basis. There are the ones who just want to be fit and there are those who are doing it for a professional purpose. There also is the category of people who only have limited time for keeping fit. The gym users include yoga teams, body-builders and many more.
  • Make it easier to register. It is rather tiresome or time wastage for someone to come directly to the gym to sign up for yoga classes or fitness sessions. You should try to create a custom booking system where the members are able to register for a class they see best online. This saves on time and effort used. It is also easier for you to track progress and give great advice on what to do to maintain or keep fit.
  • Make social media work for you. It is easier nowadays to market your product or line of services via the numerous social media handles and be guaranteed of an audience. Using social media to market your schedule and fitness programs is an influential way of gaining traction and building hype towards your services. You can also use social media platforms to gain fitness insights and get to know what the competition has that you don’t and up your game.

Marketing your gym online has advantages over manually marketing it via printed posters. The wider scope of people. When you use posters, you limit yourself to the audience you have. Online marketing widens the target area and you may even be capable of hosting online classes to people in a far geographical area. Imagine the number of visitors you can get with a tasteful website design.

Easier to track effectiveness. When you market your gym online, it is easier to get feedback from people since you get interactions from the social media platforms. With the information you receive, you can gauge what to change or what to emphasize on depending on the needs of the people that you target.

Channel your efforts. In an online marketing platform, you are able to find a fitness niche available at a specific place and target a specific practice for that place. At times, you may offer services to people who may not find it effective. This way, you can take a poll and find ways to cater to them.

You should definitely consider online marketing for your gym, not only for the wider range of coverage but also from the many advantages over the manual marketing system that it has.

Examples of Great Gym Marketing

Here are some great gym marketing examples that you can use to advertise your gym, boost your revenue and increase membership sales:

Don’t be a boring gym, offer fitness classes and boot camps

Are you offering personal training classes? One most complained about topic in gyms is that gym members want more personal classes. By offering more classes can see significant growth within your business. Look into popular, growing interests such as yoga, Pilates, boot camp, Zumba and kickboxing. Fitness boot camp is growing within the fitness world and it is easy to start the class at your gym. You will need to sit down with your trainers and figure out a 45-minute routine. Put on some music and choreograph the routine, advertise with some flyers and some business cards you can hand out and you’re all set. Other ideas could be a fitness talk. In Melbourne, there are a number of conference venues for hire that you can use to accommodate the speakers and the guests.

Clients don’t want to pay the membership fee’s ongoing if you aren’t providing enough stimulation and motivation. In order to grow your gym and the profit levels, you need to grow the number of members you have. Many people find sitting on gym equipment boring and dull. Bringing in some Zumba and Pilates classes with some music can pump anyone up for a good time while working out.

Refer a friend system

One successful marketing idea that you can use in your gym is a refer a friend system, Did you know the current clients you have are actually the best salespeople you can get. If you have members who have been with you for a long time, it means they are happy with your services and now it’s time to use their happiness to your advantage.

You don’t need any complex parameters a simple idea of every new member the current members sign up will get them a free month of gym services. Give offers for each member that you refer successfully signs up will give you 20% off your fees. Make it an offer that is worth the trouble.

Google AdWords

All gym owners will say the same thing they aren’t tech savvy. If you are wanting to increase the number of memberships, you have then it may be time to explore Google AdWords. Yes, there is going to be a cost but as the saying goes it takes money to make some money. AdWords will get you found in search results. Come up with some good keywords for the business. If people are searching for your gym and you are not on the first page of the search, then you are losing potential customers. AdWords is the answer not only for the best gym marketing technique but also for other businesses. Places from restaurants to even a stadium in Melbourne have been known to utilize Google AdWords. While AdWords is expensive it is essential for all business owners to have it. Why not try it and see if you gain an increase in your gym membership sales.

There are no boosting sales overnight. Everything takes time and increasing your gyms profits, memberships and customers should be a long-term goal.