Perks of Themed Hotels

There’s no limit to the way changes occur in hotel interior designs. Every room in the hotel can be decorated with specific themes. A well-decorated interior with themed wallpapers and designs is attractive. Guests that are attracted to themed hotels always find comfort and opportunities to return. There could be a cohesive theme for the hotel’s lobby, and common areas like bar, restaurant, and reception and, if based in Tasmania, can also provide an interesting very fun and interesting hospitality jobs in Tasmania. In the past, it was trendy to have art hotels like The Arte Luise in Berlin, Germany. Nature enthusiasts and art lovers looked forward to having memorable experiences from every hotel stay. Here are some reasons why staying in a themed hotel is a must!

Appealing in-room features

Hoteliers of themed hotels often use customized designs to create in-room features like wardrobe, poster beds, and window panels. These appealing in-room features are inviting for guests that might want to add fantasies to their stay in the hotel. Hotel receptionists have experiences of unusual customer demands, and these preferences could reshape the interior designs of rooms.

Appreciate ancient architecture

An ancient architecture design could be replicated in themed hotels. The prototypes and designs of popular and ancient Gothic architecture could create a mass market appeal for tourists and hotel guests. Many of these old architectural designs are only featured as physical landmarks, in movies, and documentaries. More so, staying in movie-themed hotels could be intriguing because it reminds you of foreign heritage. The Georgian House Hotel in London has Harry Potter-themed rooms with wall images of magic potion bottles, and cauldrons to intrigue guests.

Enjoy movie themes without visiting the cinema    

Themed hotels are not necessarily luxurious, and they could simply have Gothic arches instead of plaster of Paris (POP) designs. Tourists in Portugal’s upland city of Porto might have seen the Rivoli Cinema Hostel. The hospitality service provider in charge of this hotel has created many movie-themed rooms that will captivate guests. It’s like going to the movies with your hotel room. There are monochromatic and colored pictures of scary, adventure, and sci-fi movie scenes on the walls of respective rooms.

Experience a change of accommodation

You might be disenchanted with staying in regular hotel rooms especially when they offer conservative designs. It’s time to experience an unusual ambiance with weird and bizarre-themed images. Usually, the desire to stay in a themed room is to find a balance for your accommodation experience. The themes are not to scare you or make you feel uncomfortable; it’s simply a way of bringing a new experience to relaxation. So, hoteliers can use themes of nature, songs, or movies to create an exciting proposition for guests.

It brings unforgettable memories

Usually, the exterior design of any hotel gives an impression of the hotelier’s taste. The management of a hotel can add geometrically patterned art frames, themed colors, bright lights, and modern furniture, floor lamps and wallpaper to the rooms. More so, the outcome of renovated rooms should leave strikingly beautiful interior designs that are irresistible to guests. Travelers and tourist can use the unforgettable moments in themed hotels to tell their stories of their getaway adventures of foreign destinations such as Tasmania, and some hotels even provide themed wedding venues in Tasmania.

Enjoy the fun

Physical designs and themed images are important factors that differentiate one hotel from another. A hotel can have unique themes for respective rooms, and offer them as products for guests. Traveling family members and children will like the Disney-themed room for kids. It’s a case of different strokes for folks with diverse tastes. Children can enjoy the fun of having animal and cartoon characters in their hotel rooms like they’re watching their favorite movie.